Our Story

The Silver Shores Shanty is a haven for tourists, locals, and families to dock their appetites and treasure the tastes of Old Cape Cod.


Fiction meets reality with the lingering scent of fried clams in the salty air and that’s where you’ll find Silver Shores, Cape Cod.

Silver Shores was first introduced in the novel, The Running Waves by brothers Ted (T.M.) Murphy & Seton Murphy, who grew up in Falmouth Heights.

Bobby Flynn, a page turning proprietor, rediscovered that special place in the book and then approached Ted.

“Reading The Running Waves brought me back to 1994 and sparked an idea. I want to create a neighborhood restaurant for everyone, a place where people can relive old memories of the Heights or create new ones. We will have only one requirement – B.Y.O.S.”

“B.Y.O.S.?” A puzzled Murphy asked.

“Bring your own sand,” Flynn grinned.

Ted laughed, shook Bobby’s hand and their voyage began.

Along with a friendly crew, it is their mission that the soul of the beach will live and breathe at the Silver Shores Shanty.

As for the sand, carry it on your flip-flops ‘cause you won’t find it in their clams.

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